Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Definitive Word ~ Immunizations in Montana

I have been on a path of inquiry regarding immunization requirements here in Montana. I started by e-mailing Mike Jopek, Representative for HD4, local farmer, and friend. He suggested I start by contacting State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Denise Juneau, which I did by e-mail. She passed my query to the proper person/agency.

I received a response this morning from Cathy Kendall, Administrator of the State's Health Enhancement & Safety Division. Following is the full text, my questions preceding her responses in red:

Good morning,

In response to your questions:

Will state vaccine exemption laws apply if my child goes to school and
they are vaccinating the school’s staff and students with the pandemic flu

No child or adult is required to receive an influenza vaccination.

-- Will informed and voluntary consent be obtained from parents prior to the
administration of a seasonal or pandemic flu vaccine?


-- Will our right to decline these shots based on our religious beliefs, or
for health reasons‹such as severe allergies/anaphylaxis to normal vaccine
ingredients‹be honored?


Let me know if you have further questions and I will search out answers for you. Thanks for the inquiry.

Cathy Kendall
Health Enhancement & Safety Division
PO Box 202501
Helena MT 59620
Fax: 406-444-2955

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mary Travers 1936 ~ 2009

Mary Travers, of the folk group Peter, Paul, and Mary, died yesterday of leukaemia.

From her biography:
Mary Travers was an iconic folk singer, a dedicated activist, a writer and a poet, a mother, and, along with Peter Yarrow and Noel (Paul) Stookey, a member of perhaps the most influential folk music trio in American history.

Peter, Paul & Mary became famous for their ability to convey powerful personal and political messages through a repertoire of songs that became, for millions of Americans, an introduction to political awareness and activism in the movements born in the 60’s; movements for freedom, justice and social equity. For many, Peter, Paul & Mary became the soundtrack of their participation in an ongoing commitment to a progressive American vision of social equity, justice and freedom.

I sing some of their songs. What folk singer doesn't? I perform at Colter Coffee house in downtown Kalispell Friday night. I plan to sing for the joy of it, for the remembrance of Mary Travers, and in thankfulness for the music she created.
Mary Travers at Wikipedia

Monday, September 07, 2009

Remedies for What Ails Us

I've been listening and reading about remedies and methods of staying healthy. The precipitator being, for the most part, swine flu chatter. And I am glad to hear many suggestions for remedies and supplements that 'make sense.' The underlying premise is support the immune system.

When there is no immediately imminent event, and folks are fairly healthy, and, really, ongoing at all times, the best action is to do everything in support of the immune system. I have heard it said that there is only one thing standing between any of us and disease or illness--this would be our immune system.

So what are the basics of immune system support? Maybe these to start with:
  • Don't do what you know is not good for you
  • Get plenty of rest/sleep
  • Drink an appropriate amount of good clean water
  • Eat organic (local) food
Easy enough? As Dr. Laura Thompson said in a recent interview with Catherine Austin Fitts, doing these things alone can make a dramatic difference in immune system function.

. . . more to come.

Lomatium ~ lomatium.com / Medicine Woman's Roots

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Tired of Being Serious :-((((

Do you every get tired of being serious? OK...now I'm getting into this. I did a search . . . I found the book subtitle of which you see here. I don't know what it's about, and it was written in 1899, but it might be a remedy . . . for seriousness.

Yikes! And then I see that there are groups. This subtitle: Read true personal stories, chat, & get advice from a group of 12 people who all say 'I Am Tired of Being Deeply Serious All the Time'. Twelve people. Wow! I think I'm coming out of it.

Then I remembered that I sit in front of a Mac computer. I called up Photo Booth for a little introspection...or extrospection. It never fails me . . . Photo Booth and the banishment of seriousness. It just works. I record short videos. If I knew how to upload them here I might. Maybe you're thinking . . . spare me! Ah, but ye know not what ye (is that right) say.

How long did that take? We're on to something. Well . . . the whole internet is on to something!