Saturday, September 05, 2009

Tired of Being Serious :-((((

Do you every get tired of being serious? I'm getting into this. I did a search . . . I found the book subtitle of which you see here. I don't know what it's about, and it was written in 1899, but it might be a remedy . . . for seriousness.

Yikes! And then I see that there are groups. This subtitle: Read true personal stories, chat, & get advice from a group of 12 people who all say 'I Am Tired of Being Deeply Serious All the Time'. Twelve people. Wow! I think I'm coming out of it.

Then I remembered that I sit in front of a Mac computer. I called up Photo Booth for a little introspection...or extrospection. It never fails me . . . Photo Booth and the banishment of seriousness. It just works. I record short videos. If I knew how to upload them here I might. Maybe you're thinking . . . spare me! Ah, but ye know not what ye (is that right) say.

How long did that take? We're on to something. Well . . . the whole internet is on to something!

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