Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mary Travers 1936 ~ 2009

Mary Travers, of the folk group Peter, Paul, and Mary, died yesterday of leukaemia.

From her biography:
Mary Travers was an iconic folk singer, a dedicated activist, a writer and a poet, a mother, and, along with Peter Yarrow and Noel (Paul) Stookey, a member of perhaps the most influential folk music trio in American history.

Peter, Paul & Mary became famous for their ability to convey powerful personal and political messages through a repertoire of songs that became, for millions of Americans, an introduction to political awareness and activism in the movements born in the 60’s; movements for freedom, justice and social equity. For many, Peter, Paul & Mary became the soundtrack of their participation in an ongoing commitment to a progressive American vision of social equity, justice and freedom.

I sing some of their songs. What folk singer doesn't? I perform at Colter Coffee house in downtown Kalispell Friday night. I plan to sing for the joy of it, for the remembrance of Mary Travers, and in thankfulness for the music she created.
Mary Travers at Wikipedia

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