Monday, September 07, 2009

Remedies for What Ails Us

I've been listening and reading about remedies and methods of staying healthy. The precipitator being, for the most part, swine flu chatter. And I am glad to hear many suggestions for remedies and supplements that 'make sense.' The underlying premise is support the immune system.

When there is no immediately imminent event, and folks are fairly healthy, and, really, ongoing at all times, the best action is to do everything in support of the immune system. I have heard it said that there is only one thing standing between any of us and disease or illness--this would be our immune system.

So what are the basics of immune system support? Maybe these to start with:
  • Don't do what you know is not good for you
  • Get plenty of rest/sleep
  • Drink an appropriate amount of good clean water
  • Eat organic (local) food
Easy enough? As Dr. Laura Thompson said in a recent interview with Catherine Austin Fitts, doing these things alone can make a dramatic difference in immune system function.

. . . more to come.

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