Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Montana - Vaccine Awareness

I have not heard of Montana responses to recent news about possible vaccine requirements, but I saw these flyers stuck on vehicle windows at music in the park last night.

I heartily espouse edification and information. Fear and anger are not part of those. Let's be getting on this. Find more links to inform in this blog.

Playing For Change ~ Tour Highlights

Monday, August 24, 2009

Montana Vaccination Information

Quick Fact: A notarized affidavit on a form prescribed by the department stating that immunization is contrary to the religious tenets and practices of the signer, immunization of the person seeking to attend the school may not be required prior to attendance at the school.

Other Resources:

Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services:

State of Montana Immunization Program: Immunization/immune-index.shtml

State of Montana School Immunization Requirements: Immunization/documents/

State of Montana Day Care Conditional Attendance Form: Immunization/documents/

State of Montana Preschool, K-12 Schools Conditional Attendance Form: Immunization/documents/HES103-1B_conditional_preK-12.pdf

State of Montana Post-Secondary School Conditional Attendance Form: Immunization/documents/HES103-C_postsecondary.pdf

State of Montana Legislature:

Swine Flu ~ More Information

Pandemic Flu Online
Click on Toolbox image at left.


Homeopathy can prevent, cure swine flu, say homeopaths (8 Aug 09)
Homeopathy can both prevent and cure swine flu, sans any side effects, say doctors who practise this alternative medicine system in India where over 700 people have been diagnosed with the disease.

Amid panic over the spread of influenza A (H1N1) virus, homeopaths are now drafting a proposal for the health ministry to offer their services in tackling the crisis.

Originally from the Homoepathy World Community website

Pandemic H1N1 Swine Flu: What About You & Your Family?

On April 26, 2009, public health officials from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security held a press conference and declared a national public health emergency. The declaration came in response to identification of a new novel Influenza A (H1N1) “swine flu” virus (combination of swine, bird and human influenza viruses) that was making people sick and causing deaths in Mexico. By June 11, the World Health Organization (WHO) raised the global influenza pandemic alert to the highest Phase 6 level.

You, your family and residents of your state are governed by federal and state public health laws whenever the government declares a national “public health emergency.” These laws, which contain provisions for isolation, quarantine and vaccination of citizens, may or may not be enforced by government officials during a declared public health emergency involving outbreaks of communicable infectious diseases.

Contents: go to for these articles listed:

Past Influenza Pandemics
Mortality Associated with the Current Swine Flu Pandemic
What are the Symptoms of Swine Flu?
Who Is More Likely To Get Swine Flu?
Are Some People More Likely to Have Complications?
Is There a Vaccine for H1N1 Swine Flu?

How Will the Swine Flu Vaccine Be Made?
Will Future Swine Flu Vaccines Contain Unlicensed Adjuvants?
Will Swine Flu Vaccines Contain Mercury?
How Long Will Swine Flu Vaccines Be Tested to Prove Safety & Efficacy Before Being Released?
Who Will Be the First to Get Swine Flu Vaccine?
Is There Liability Protection for Vaccine Makers?

Could You or Someone in Your Family Be Required to Get Vaccinated or Be Quarantined During an Influenza Pandemic?
Federal Public Health Laws vs. State Public Health Laws
U.S. Supreme Court Gave States Power to Mandate Vaccine Use
Congress Gave More Power To Public Health Officials After 9-11
States Gave More Power to Public Health Officials After 9-11
U.S. Public Health Service and U.S. Coast Guard
The National Guard
Department of Defense
Local Police
Check the Public Health Emergency Laws in Your State

What Can You and Your Family Do To Be Prepared?
Evaluate Holistic Health Approaches to Wellness & Healing
Stay Informed and Connected
Contact Your Legislators & Community Leaders
Take Action with NVIC
Remain Cool, Calm and Collected


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tackling Flus with Homeopathy
Scoop Independent News (11 Aug 09)
Families are as diverse and interesting as the remedies that treat them. Homeopathy offers a natural alternative to support the immune system and restore balance on all levels. Homeopathic remedies gently and safely initiate and support our bodies’ healing, bringing about speedy and lasting relief.

This winter has brought with it the onset and spread of a new Influenza virus (H1N1 A). Registered Homeopaths with NZCH (New Zealand Council of Homeopaths) have been successfully treating patients manifesting with influenza, prescribing Homeopathic remedies that address the particular set of individual symptoms they are presenting.
NOTE: I had the great pleasure of spending some time with the guys at Scoop Independent News in Wellington, New Zealand, not too long ago. I loved Wellington; stayed at the Hostel downtown and walked along the bay to their offices. Recommend cruising the Scoop website. Catherine Austin Fitts is an ongoing regular contributor. Catherine's latest contribution is Swine Flu: What I Believe.

Homeopathy: Swine Flu at Twitter

Physicians talking about homeopathy for Swine Flu at Twitter:

Gelsemium successful.
Note symptoms.
FEAR! involved. Imagine that?!

~ Anais

Laughing Yoga

This is wild!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Gut Instinct

A couple weeks ago, I was at the end of a discussion with my good friend and supporter of incomparable measure, Dr. Jim MacKimmie. For reference, he wrote a book called Presence of Angels: A Healer's Life (click the image for more about the book.) I recommend everyone read it . . . but this post is not about that.

As I was leaving Dr. Jim's office, I mentioned common sense, and that I thought one of the most important (and quite possibly, most lacking) aspects of our collective lives at present was plain and simple common sense.

How did we lose it? How do we learn about it? As I am writing, the topic expands with the attention—like the edge of the world in quantum physics. Ah . . . anyway, to come back to something more manageable AND I'm not going to answer those questions here anyway, if for no other reason than lack of time.

So in quick answer to my question about what I could do to enhance my own common sense, Dr. Jim says, read Gut Instinct by Pierre Pallardy. OK....I walk out the door.

See this article from the Independent UK: Pierre Pallardy: France's gut doctor comes to the UK.

I pretty much always follow Dr. Jim's suggestions. They just make sense, you know! So I purchased the book and I am about half-way through the read. But I have read enough to get the idea -- pay more attention and BREATHE. It's effects can be dramatic, but my experience of

As I am working my way through the book I can see more of the reason Dr. J made this recommendation at my question about increasing common sense. It is as much in the way the book is written as in the words. Think on that. It's the feeling the words evoke.

Main areas covered (the basic table of contents):
  • Abdominal Breathing
  • Regular and Slow Eating
  • Eating Carefully
  • Recreational Exercise
  • Exercises for the Two Brains
  • Self-Massage
  • Abdominal Meditation
It's perfect information in my opinion. The overall message, if considered carefully and followed to a greater, or even a lesser extent, would lead to enhanced overall physical, emotional and mental health. It's a pretty big statement. And I do know that flaws can be found in everything, AND everything is not for everyone! OK....disclaimer. But, if we look at something, and it makes sense, and it doesn't take away from us to apply the thing, my MO has always been to try it. Be a researcher, be skeptical (keenly observant), and take a step forward. For me, many things have worked out using this method. And as a result, I have a wealth of great tools in my toolbox that I can pull out at any time and apply as needed.

Never too old, never too late to learn something new! and

Love is all there is . . .

~ Anais

Friday, August 07, 2009

Playing For Change ~ Rockin' Music Around the World

The website:

From the site:
A 57 minute version of our feature length documentary film, "Playing For Change: Peace Through Music," is going to air nationally on PBS throughout August-- click here for the schedule! Over the course of this film, you will not only have the chance to see and hear new amazing performances from around the world, but you will also get to meet the musicians who make them so special.

Additional screenings are being scheduled by PBS daily, so for the most up to date listing check with your local station. We will also be updating the screening schedule linked above often-- this schedule is current as of July 30th right now.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

A Scooter Ride Through Glacier National Park

A couple weeks ago on a Sunday, I took a scooter ride over the Going to the Sun highway in Glacier National Park. (I'm the one in the group picture below with the arrow pointing to my head.) I don't know how long a trip it was, forgot to note my mile counter, but it turned out to be about 8 hours, with most of them in the saddle. It was the longest trip I had ever undertaken on my scooter.

Last summer I acquired a 250cc Kymco GrandVista scooter. I had been looking at 2-wheeled rides since my brother (a fireman in the Valley area of Spokane) rode over on his motorcycle and spent a bit of time with me. Looked cool to me, but I was apprehensive about the weight of the machine, and about its operation, in particular, shifting.
I rode small (50cc) Hondas when I was very young—quite a while ago—long ago enough that it was only a very distant memory. I didn't own one, so I didn't even have the opportunity to get really comfortable at that time. And it took me a bit of effort to acquire my motorcycle license last summer, but I succeeded and I REALLY enjoy scooter riding now.

And then there's the grandkids—I let them wear the helmets on the porch. Some things are SOOOO much fun!

Solari Report Digest ~ New Podcast

I work with Catherine Austin Fitts at Solari. We've been working on producing a podcast and just last week rolled it out. Podcasting was, for me, one of those mystery things—like using wiki (MediaWiki application). I now have a better understanding of it all, to the point of troubleshooting and answering howto questions. Good thing!

The Solari Report Digest Podcast gives the listener snips of recordings from The Solari Report which is Catherine's weekly (3x/month) teleconference briefing where she discusses current events in money and markets, interviews experts on hot topics, and explains how movies relate to real life situations in her Let's Go to the Movies segments.

I want to thank a couple guys who actually made the podcast production possible: Alan McNeil, a stellar sysAdmin tech support do-it person, friend, and fellow Flathead Valley dweller, and Jeff Wessman, who narrates, compiles and produces our podcasts, and who has generally gone WAY beyond helping us with this project. Both gentlemen continue to lend their considerable talents. Daily thanks cross my mind for their help and support.

Links to free Solari Report Digest podcasts:
  • Main podcast page
  • SRD-1 Franklin Sanders, Community Derivatives, Terrorism and the Economy
  • SRD-2 The financial coup d'etat; the New World Order debutante party, and outsourced and out of moneyIt's free, enjoyable, and informative.
More information about the subscription-fee-based Solari Report can be found HERE.