Sunday, August 02, 2009

A Scooter Ride Through Glacier National Park

A couple weeks ago on a Sunday, I took a scooter ride over the Going to the Sun highway in Glacier National Park. (I'm the one in the group picture below with the arrow pointing to my head.) I don't know how long a trip it was, forgot to note my mile counter, but it turned out to be about 8 hours, with most of them in the saddle. It was the longest trip I had ever undertaken on my scooter.

Last summer I acquired a 250cc Kymco GrandVista scooter. I had been looking at 2-wheeled rides since my brother (a fireman in the Valley area of Spokane) rode over on his motorcycle and spent a bit of time with me. Looked cool to me, but I was apprehensive about the weight of the machine, and about its operation, in particular, shifting.
I rode small (50cc) Hondas when I was very young—quite a while ago—long ago enough that it was only a very distant memory. I didn't own one, so I didn't even have the opportunity to get really comfortable at that time. And it took me a bit of effort to acquire my motorcycle license last summer, but I succeeded and I REALLY enjoy scooter riding now.

And then there's the grandkids—I let them wear the helmets on the porch. Some things are SOOOO much fun!

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