Monday, August 10, 2009

Gut Instinct

A couple weeks ago, I was at the end of a discussion with my good friend and supporter of incomparable measure, Dr. Jim MacKimmie. For reference, he wrote a book called Presence of Angels: A Healer's Life (click the image for more about the book.) I recommend everyone read it . . . but this post is not about that.

As I was leaving Dr. Jim's office, I mentioned common sense, and that I thought one of the most important (and quite possibly, most lacking) aspects of our collective lives at present was plain and simple common sense.

How did we lose it? How do we learn about it? As I am writing, the topic expands with the attention—like the edge of the world in quantum physics. Ah . . . anyway, to come back to something more manageable AND I'm not going to answer those questions here anyway, if for no other reason than lack of time.

So in quick answer to my question about what I could do to enhance my own common sense, Dr. Jim says, read Gut Instinct by Pierre Pallardy. OK....I walk out the door.

See this article from the Independent UK: Pierre Pallardy: France's gut doctor comes to the UK.

I pretty much always follow Dr. Jim's suggestions. They just make sense, you know! So I purchased the book and I am about half-way through the read. But I have read enough to get the idea -- pay more attention and BREATHE. It's effects can be dramatic, but my experience of

As I am working my way through the book I can see more of the reason Dr. J made this recommendation at my question about increasing common sense. It is as much in the way the book is written as in the words. Think on that. It's the feeling the words evoke.

Main areas covered (the basic table of contents):
  • Abdominal Breathing
  • Regular and Slow Eating
  • Eating Carefully
  • Recreational Exercise
  • Exercises for the Two Brains
  • Self-Massage
  • Abdominal Meditation
It's perfect information in my opinion. The overall message, if considered carefully and followed to a greater, or even a lesser extent, would lead to enhanced overall physical, emotional and mental health. It's a pretty big statement. And I do know that flaws can be found in everything, AND everything is not for everyone! OK....disclaimer. But, if we look at something, and it makes sense, and it doesn't take away from us to apply the thing, my MO has always been to try it. Be a researcher, be skeptical (keenly observant), and take a step forward. For me, many things have worked out using this method. And as a result, I have a wealth of great tools in my toolbox that I can pull out at any time and apply as needed.

Never too old, never too late to learn something new! and

Love is all there is . . .

~ Anais

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