Sunday, August 02, 2009

Solari Report Digest ~ New Podcast

I work with Catherine Austin Fitts at Solari. We've been working on producing a podcast and just last week rolled it out. Podcasting was, for me, one of those mystery things—like using wiki (MediaWiki application). I now have a better understanding of it all, to the point of troubleshooting and answering howto questions. Good thing!

The Solari Report Digest Podcast gives the listener snips of recordings from The Solari Report which is Catherine's weekly (3x/month) teleconference briefing where she discusses current events in money and markets, interviews experts on hot topics, and explains how movies relate to real life situations in her Let's Go to the Movies segments.

I want to thank a couple guys who actually made the podcast production possible: Alan McNeil, a stellar sysAdmin tech support do-it person, friend, and fellow Flathead Valley dweller, and Jeff Wessman, who narrates, compiles and produces our podcasts, and who has generally gone WAY beyond helping us with this project. Both gentlemen continue to lend their considerable talents. Daily thanks cross my mind for their help and support.

Links to free Solari Report Digest podcasts:
  • Main podcast page
  • SRD-1 Franklin Sanders, Community Derivatives, Terrorism and the Economy
  • SRD-2 The financial coup d'etat; the New World Order debutante party, and outsourced and out of moneyIt's free, enjoyable, and informative.
More information about the subscription-fee-based Solari Report can be found HERE.

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