Monday, August 24, 2009

Montana Vaccination Information

Quick Fact: A notarized affidavit on a form prescribed by the department stating that immunization is contrary to the religious tenets and practices of the signer, immunization of the person seeking to attend the school may not be required prior to attendance at the school.

Other Resources:

Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services:

State of Montana Immunization Program: Immunization/immune-index.shtml

State of Montana School Immunization Requirements: Immunization/documents/

State of Montana Day Care Conditional Attendance Form: Immunization/documents/

State of Montana Preschool, K-12 Schools Conditional Attendance Form: Immunization/documents/HES103-1B_conditional_preK-12.pdf

State of Montana Post-Secondary School Conditional Attendance Form: Immunization/documents/HES103-C_postsecondary.pdf

State of Montana Legislature:

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