Tuesday, March 16, 2010

On a treadmill at the gym is a good place to think

This morning, this was my thinking....

I am TIRED of hearing about health care reform, the bill, Democrats and Republicans, reconciliation, now deem and pass, but at the top of the list and beyond all other issues, about abortion relative to health care reform, Bart Stupak and his team, and I'm angry....that feeling of overheat in the solar plexus....that the potential and reality is that someone is assiduously working on legislation that would deny me and all of my gender the option of making my own decision on a personal issue. It rankles.

I have also been thinking about taxes, April 15th being now less than a month away. I have paid taxes in good faith in the past but I've lost faith and I no longer believe the government deserves my good faith offerings.

I found this:

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This is the government's view of the budget:

I don't support the military...wait a minute! I do!

What am I going to do? I don't know, honestly. How do I be true to myself in these times? It is likely that those in government are either blinded by money or do really believe what they are doing is right for all of us (I'm not so sure they would feel it's right for them if they really were on the receiving or compliance end of their legislations), and the people decrying abortion I am sure feel they are being true to themselves in their efforts against it.

How do we all be true to ourselves, make our statements, stand our stands, and still live together peacefully?

Ghandi said: "I have so much to do today, I will have to meditate two hours instead of one."

I have too much to think about today. . .I'm going to meditate.

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