Sunday, January 24, 2010

Call & Response - Slavery in Our Time

I attended a showing of the new movie about human trafficking, Call+Response—a good film about a horrific subject. Slavery. I was encouraged to see the young people involved in activism on this issue. Our local Flathead High School, and the newly formed Flathead Abolition Movement hosted the showing.

I learned a lot. People are still bought and sold into slavery on our shores (and others, too). How can we know about this and watch it continue.

It's the triune function of Money / Drugs / Human Slavery. It's not personal, it's profits.

If you're interested, go to the website:

If you want to do some little thing to show support, buy the music. I love it. The title "Call and Response" is rooted in music. The intro explains. Go to this iTunes web page.

Or do something else. . .whatever moves you. There are lots of issues to apply our energies to these days. Choose where you fit.

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